Thursday, February 28, 2013

A brown themed post.

Hi all,

I just wanted to share my latest finds. 2 Johnson Brothers Olde English Countryside dinner plates. I love them, I hope I can find more pieces. I took a pic of one on one of the faux rustic wood placemats that I picked up at HomeGoods.

The yard has been hopping lately. I was out there refilling the feeders, & was joined by 2 female downy woodpeckers...along with the regulars. I snapped a few shots:



Cardinal & a sparrow

Occasionally I will see a hairy woodpecker back there. They're skittish compared to the downy, so I let them eat & will watch from the window. As soon as I went inside, a male hairy came into the yard.

Of course there's always a cooper's hawk lurking & waiting for lunch. I was passing by the window, & saw him on the fence. The pic is blurry & taken through a window, but I laughed when I saw the shot I snapped. Looking right at me, he's got my number!

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Have a great weekend!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Finds & a planned trip

I visited an antique mall recently, and most of the Pyrex was way overpriced. I did find this incomplete set of turquoise Butterprint cinderella bowls for $22. Not dirt cheap, but better than what I've seen. They're in great shape. I've wanted a set for so long, & haven't had any luck w/thrift stores. I'm sure I'll come across another 441 eventually (I have 1 with my all turquoise on white set):

I also finally found a pink daisy open baker:

Added some more pieces to my Family Flair Sea Isle collection:

For some reason I cannot pass up platters (or carafes):

This carafe that matches the "Eyes" bowl:

I recently bought these too, they're not vintage, but I think they are great looking luncheon plates. The stickers on them read Ralph Lauren: Haswell Map and sold for $27.00 each. I got them for a steal! 

Hubby & I have booked a trip to BOSTON! I'm excited! I've never been there, and have always wanted to visit.  I'm looking forward to good seafood & beer, visiting another Hard Rock Cafe, and...



And this:

(above Boston photos courtesy of wikimedia commons)