Monday, February 25, 2013

Finds & a planned trip

I visited an antique mall recently, and most of the Pyrex was way overpriced. I did find this incomplete set of turquoise Butterprint cinderella bowls for $22. Not dirt cheap, but better than what I've seen. They're in great shape. I've wanted a set for so long, & haven't had any luck w/thrift stores. I'm sure I'll come across another 441 eventually (I have 1 with my all turquoise on white set):

I also finally found a pink daisy open baker:

Added some more pieces to my Family Flair Sea Isle collection:

For some reason I cannot pass up platters (or carafes):

This carafe that matches the "Eyes" bowl:

I recently bought these too, they're not vintage, but I think they are great looking luncheon plates. The stickers on them read Ralph Lauren: Haswell Map and sold for $27.00 each. I got them for a steal! 

Hubby & I have booked a trip to BOSTON! I'm excited! I've never been there, and have always wanted to visit.  I'm looking forward to good seafood & beer, visiting another Hard Rock Cafe, and...



And this:

(above Boston photos courtesy of wikimedia commons)


  1. Just found your blog on the Smashaholics. I'm from the Boston area. You'll have fun. Make sure you check out Fanuil Hall, Cheers & the Northend. Salem is awesome too. My old roomie worked at the Witch museum. I worked there 1 day around Halloween. There's tons of cute shops there.

  2. Will do, thanks for the advice. I'm such a nerd, I have a small journal that I'm bringing with all our points of interest listed. I did it when we went to NYC too.