Friday, May 20, 2011

Online DIY inspiration

On New Year's Eve my resolution was to be more creative. It started when I was transforming the "back porch" to a sunroom. I couldn't find shelves that I liked, wasn't loving the pillows that I was coming across, etc. I love blogs, especially the DIYers, so much inspiration out there to try one of theirs, or to get creative on your own. 

I decided to take some plain white shelves & wallpaper them. The paper I chose was lovely & it had adhesive already in place. I just coated with some mod podge after it had completely dried. I also spray painted the brackets, hubby had some laying around, & it was a perfect match!

It's a sunny room, but for some reason this pic is on the dark side. Let me just tell you guys, I am no expert in photography.  The blue jay plate belonged to my great grandma, she loved birds, & I was given a lot of her stuff when she passed. It's not as crisp white as it used to be, but it means a lot to me. I bought that Oreo cookie jar over 12 years ago at the local Jewel-Osco grocery store (there were bowls that accompanied it). & of course some of my Liberty Blue.

I made these pillows around Christmas time. I haven't made anything like this since high school home ec class. I didn't stuff enough, & I fumbled with closure, but ya live & learn-they serve their purpose when fluffed. Of course the cat (Wilson) thinks I made them for him! (first one was snapped w/my cell). I also have makeover plans for the little dark table off to the right.

I was at Michael's one day & saw some cute bottles, with keys wrapped around them. I forget how much they wanted, but it was along the line of nearly $10.00. I thought, I could do that! I don't have any before pictures, but they were plain old clear bottles. I used scrapbook paper, stamps, stickers, jute, & decorative keys, buttons & voila! I filled them w/some sand, & they sit on the shelf above my sewing/crafting desk.

I was feeling jazzy after the bottles & thought what else can I do? I turned to online for more inspiration, and came across this very cute idea from a blogger called ReCreate. Picture frame turned serving tray. 

Here's my before:

& here's my after:  I use it on my sewing table w/a knick knack & a teacup candle.

I want to try this ornate frame pin cushion from another blogger, Beach Vintage- I love her blog!  I have the frame & a hankie that should do the trick.

So yes, I'm a beginner, & here's some of my arsenal:

Yes, that is a Hello Kitty sewing machine! When I decided to try out sewing, I didn't want to spend a lot of money & not like it. I got this online at Target & had a gift certificate to apply. I actually love this cheerful little thing!

I love youtube as well (I'm a visual learner). But I found this at a store, & will use it as a reference.

Everything else (minus the pillow stuffing)

Now... all I need is some extra time! Little by little...

And as previously stated in other posts, I love glass! I'm dusting today & photographed my little collection of Wheaton Glass decanters. Some were found, and others were handed down. Bitters, Paul Revere Cabin, Ben Franklin (found w/box), Liberty Bell, RFK, & an ink style one.

Have a great day!


Monday, May 16, 2011

Recent Finds

Hello! So I never made it to that antique fair due to my schedule. I did stop at a couple shops during the week though.

First I'll start with the antique mall. When I walked in I didn't see too much, some cute stuff...but then I walked through another doorway & around a corner. I saw this & I know I gasped out loud, pretty sure I cupped my mouth too. lol. Sorry for the quality of the cell phone pics.

They wanted $115.00 dollars for the Friendship casserole dish! They called it a 4 piece set because it came with the original box. I'm not a Friendship expert, but I think that's not the correct lid?

The peach was so pretty, I almost bought a couple of the handled bowls, but decided against it...for now.

Dots, all sizes & colors... $28.00. I didn't ask if their prices were firm or negotiable. We'll see.

On the lower shelves not pictured were just about every promotional dish you could think of, except pink. Not much pink at all actually.

There was a man sitting in a chair & he asked if I needed anything. Um yeah, a moment to process all of this! ;)

I did find a pink Desert Dawn Pie dish. The outside was in excellent condition, inside needed some work. It was buried on a bottom shelf & not even near the other Pyrex.

Then I also stopped at a retro boutique. They had a ton of cute stuff there (including Pyrex), but again... most was overpriced. I did find a deal on a Ponderosa Mug & plate, a pink retro teabag holder, & on my way out I spotted Liberty Blue! The owner gave me 10% off at the register.

Here's everything:

I found the casserole above on ebay a couple of weeks ago, & it was very reasonably priced. I think it's 1 that slipped through, there was only 1 other bid, & shipping was very fair as well. It's in excellent condition. There was another one w/2 pints that recently went for $80.00 (not including s&h), so I think I lucked out. I REALLY wanted that pink!

I took a pic of all the Butterprint together too!

This post is pretty lengthy, I was going to share some of the little DIY projects that I've tried out, along with future plans, but that will have to be another post at another time.

Have a great day!


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Weekend Thirifting & completing a Pyrex Butterprint set.

Hi, hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day. I worked this weekend, but after my shift Sunday morning I headed to the flea market w/the hubby. The weather has been gloomy around here for awhile & I didn't want to sleep through such a beautiful sunny day. I gave myself until noon since I had to go back in at 11p on Sunday night.  I made the best out of it though.

The flea market we go to (the same one that I got the gumball machine from)  has a lot of "newer" stuff, but there were several tables w/nice vintage items. I found some Pyrex Bluegrass. 2 mugs & 4 saucers. 50 cents ea.

The hubby was looking for tools when I spotted a Butterfly Gold Vegetable Bowl on another table. Excellent condition & for only $1.00. 

On our way back we stopped at the Goodwill. (There are 2 in the area that I always stop at). I found another Pyrex casserole lid, an 8x8 Spice of Life Baking Pan, & 2 CorningWare Petite Pans.

The weekend was capped off by completing my Yellow Butterprint set! I found the 442 that I needed online, & it arrived yesterday. Found it online, but there was no typical description, instead it had the measurements. I didn't want to contact the seller & risk losing the bowl in the meantime (price was very reasonable), so I ordered & hoped it was the right one. I also kept measuring the pink Gooseberry 442 just to be sure. lol. It was the right bowl needed!

and here it is with the rest of the gang, one big happy family! :) 

There's a big monthly flea market/antique fair this weekend here, so I hope to find some more good stuff. Thankfully hubby is always looking for tools, and is happy to join me. Good to have an extra set of eyes with you. 

Have a great day! 


Friday, May 6, 2011

Digging in the attic.

After I posted the Pyrex post I went up to the attic & started digging around in stuff that I haven't touched in ages. What a treat, a stroll down memory lane. I found my old Care Bear stash! I've had this stuff since I was about 8 years old. They were played with & well loved. How I managed to keep them over the years is beyond me. They've survived several moves & 2 floods.  Ok, you guys would laugh if you saw how I had them stored... color coded & in zip-lock/freezer bags!

I also had some plushies. The green Good Luck Bear was my first. I remember my parents giving it to me when I was younger. I had fallen & bit through my lip & had stitches under my chin.

 An extra that I had never opened.

 The mini's

The Pizza Hut collector glasses, these are dated 1983. 

Our attic is only used for storage at this point in time & we rarely go up there,  But I guess you never know what you'll find when you start digging around. I know hubby found these Fire King baking dishes up there not too long ago,  they must have been left from the previous owners.

Have a great weekend!

Lace Medallion Pyrex

I love it!

I don't have too many oval pieces, hard to find around here. At least I have something to keep the Pink Daisy company with now.

Ahh... a match made in Pyrex heaven.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Things for my kitchen

I'm trying to decorate the kitchen with a vintage/retro theme. I have a love affair with glass, dishes, bakeware, etc. My favorites to collect are Pyrex, Lu-Ray pastels, & Liberty Blue. When the kitchen & pantry are done, here are some of the items that I will put in them.

I love this Millefleur mug. Got it for $1.50 at an antique store.

Who doesn't love Pyrex?! I have a modest collection, I try to stick w/patterns that I love (& hard to come by pieces) b/c it's so addicting & I'd have no more room!! My balloon chip & dip, plus an extra little one.

One of my favorite patterns from Pyrex, Butterfly Gold. My mother had the Cinderella bowl set & some of the compatible Corelle dishes. Totally reminds me of my childhood.

These were free, belonged to my Great Aunt, & my brother brought them over to me yesterday!

Lu-Ray Stack, such pretty pastel colors!

Saucers & bread plates.

Not "vintage", but I thought these bowls complemented the dishes nicely.

I thought these were super cute. We had lunch at The Chicken Basket yesterday, & they recycle the pop bottles into S&P shakers. I couldn't resist them.

For the pantry, I found this crate that I love & plan to incorporate. It's in pretty good shape, no rust & the colors are still somewhat nice & bright. There's my helper (or supervisor) off to the right. <3

We went to the flea market yesterday, & I saw this! I put it in the sunroom, which serves as an annex to the kitchen. It's in great shape & I got it for cheap!

On the way back from the flea, we stopped at Good Will. Didn't really see much to get excited about, but I did rescue these. All 3 for about a $1.00.

I also collect Liberty Blue pieces, here's a complete set of coasters, plus a Ben Franklin that I found online. Again for cheap, which for having the original packaging totally surprised me. Some of my other pieces have slight crazing (which personally doesn't totally turn me off), but these are practically in mint condition. Most of these pieces live in the sun room, which is yellow, blue & white.

Loved these when I saw them, Paul Revere Silversmith society candlesticks.

This was an impulse buy at a thrift store. I love the color, and I love for 30 cents I think it's worth it.