Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Weekend Thirifting & completing a Pyrex Butterprint set.

Hi, hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day. I worked this weekend, but after my shift Sunday morning I headed to the flea market w/the hubby. The weather has been gloomy around here for awhile & I didn't want to sleep through such a beautiful sunny day. I gave myself until noon since I had to go back in at 11p on Sunday night.  I made the best out of it though.

The flea market we go to (the same one that I got the gumball machine from)  has a lot of "newer" stuff, but there were several tables w/nice vintage items. I found some Pyrex Bluegrass. 2 mugs & 4 saucers. 50 cents ea.

The hubby was looking for tools when I spotted a Butterfly Gold Vegetable Bowl on another table. Excellent condition & for only $1.00. 

On our way back we stopped at the Goodwill. (There are 2 in the area that I always stop at). I found another Pyrex casserole lid, an 8x8 Spice of Life Baking Pan, & 2 CorningWare Petite Pans.

The weekend was capped off by completing my Yellow Butterprint set! I found the 442 that I needed online, & it arrived yesterday. Found it online, but there was no typical description, instead it had the measurements. I didn't want to contact the seller & risk losing the bowl in the meantime (price was very reasonable), so I ordered & hoped it was the right one. I also kept measuring the pink Gooseberry 442 just to be sure. lol. It was the right bowl needed!

and here it is with the rest of the gang, one big happy family! :) 

There's a big monthly flea market/antique fair this weekend here, so I hope to find some more good stuff. Thankfully hubby is always looking for tools, and is happy to join me. Good to have an extra set of eyes with you. 

Have a great day! 



  1. Hi Steph, saw your post on the Pyrex Collective II, and thought I'd come over here and see what else you found. I love those Bluegrass cups and saucers...wish I could find some to go with the plates I have. Also love the Butterfly Gold veggie bowl! But I especially love that yellow Butterprint set! Really nice finds!

  2. I love all your finds, but the yellow Butterprint is the best! Congrats on completing the set!!!

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  4. Love the Butterprint bowls - so pretty!! You have a fun blog - I also just started one -

  5. that yellow butterprint is so amazing! you have some really great pieces - happy hunting!