Monday, May 2, 2011

Things for my kitchen

I'm trying to decorate the kitchen with a vintage/retro theme. I have a love affair with glass, dishes, bakeware, etc. My favorites to collect are Pyrex, Lu-Ray pastels, & Liberty Blue. When the kitchen & pantry are done, here are some of the items that I will put in them.

I love this Millefleur mug. Got it for $1.50 at an antique store.

Who doesn't love Pyrex?! I have a modest collection, I try to stick w/patterns that I love (& hard to come by pieces) b/c it's so addicting & I'd have no more room!! My balloon chip & dip, plus an extra little one.

One of my favorite patterns from Pyrex, Butterfly Gold. My mother had the Cinderella bowl set & some of the compatible Corelle dishes. Totally reminds me of my childhood.

These were free, belonged to my Great Aunt, & my brother brought them over to me yesterday!

Lu-Ray Stack, such pretty pastel colors!

Saucers & bread plates.

Not "vintage", but I thought these bowls complemented the dishes nicely.

I thought these were super cute. We had lunch at The Chicken Basket yesterday, & they recycle the pop bottles into S&P shakers. I couldn't resist them.

For the pantry, I found this crate that I love & plan to incorporate. It's in pretty good shape, no rust & the colors are still somewhat nice & bright. There's my helper (or supervisor) off to the right. <3

We went to the flea market yesterday, & I saw this! I put it in the sunroom, which serves as an annex to the kitchen. It's in great shape & I got it for cheap!

On the way back from the flea, we stopped at Good Will. Didn't really see much to get excited about, but I did rescue these. All 3 for about a $1.00.

I also collect Liberty Blue pieces, here's a complete set of coasters, plus a Ben Franklin that I found online. Again for cheap, which for having the original packaging totally surprised me. Some of my other pieces have slight crazing (which personally doesn't totally turn me off), but these are practically in mint condition. Most of these pieces live in the sun room, which is yellow, blue & white.

Loved these when I saw them, Paul Revere Silversmith society candlesticks.

This was an impulse buy at a thrift store. I love the color, and I love for 30 cents I think it's worth it.


  1. You have a wonderful collection of Pyrex, LuRay and Liberty Blue. I love 'em all!!! Thanks for following me and I'm honored to be your follower!!!

  2. I love ALL your stuff!!