Friday, May 20, 2011

Online DIY inspiration

On New Year's Eve my resolution was to be more creative. It started when I was transforming the "back porch" to a sunroom. I couldn't find shelves that I liked, wasn't loving the pillows that I was coming across, etc. I love blogs, especially the DIYers, so much inspiration out there to try one of theirs, or to get creative on your own. 

I decided to take some plain white shelves & wallpaper them. The paper I chose was lovely & it had adhesive already in place. I just coated with some mod podge after it had completely dried. I also spray painted the brackets, hubby had some laying around, & it was a perfect match!

It's a sunny room, but for some reason this pic is on the dark side. Let me just tell you guys, I am no expert in photography.  The blue jay plate belonged to my great grandma, she loved birds, & I was given a lot of her stuff when she passed. It's not as crisp white as it used to be, but it means a lot to me. I bought that Oreo cookie jar over 12 years ago at the local Jewel-Osco grocery store (there were bowls that accompanied it). & of course some of my Liberty Blue.

I made these pillows around Christmas time. I haven't made anything like this since high school home ec class. I didn't stuff enough, & I fumbled with closure, but ya live & learn-they serve their purpose when fluffed. Of course the cat (Wilson) thinks I made them for him! (first one was snapped w/my cell). I also have makeover plans for the little dark table off to the right.

I was at Michael's one day & saw some cute bottles, with keys wrapped around them. I forget how much they wanted, but it was along the line of nearly $10.00. I thought, I could do that! I don't have any before pictures, but they were plain old clear bottles. I used scrapbook paper, stamps, stickers, jute, & decorative keys, buttons & voila! I filled them w/some sand, & they sit on the shelf above my sewing/crafting desk.

I was feeling jazzy after the bottles & thought what else can I do? I turned to online for more inspiration, and came across this very cute idea from a blogger called ReCreate. Picture frame turned serving tray. 

Here's my before:

& here's my after:  I use it on my sewing table w/a knick knack & a teacup candle.

I want to try this ornate frame pin cushion from another blogger, Beach Vintage- I love her blog!  I have the frame & a hankie that should do the trick.

So yes, I'm a beginner, & here's some of my arsenal:

Yes, that is a Hello Kitty sewing machine! When I decided to try out sewing, I didn't want to spend a lot of money & not like it. I got this online at Target & had a gift certificate to apply. I actually love this cheerful little thing!

I love youtube as well (I'm a visual learner). But I found this at a store, & will use it as a reference.

Everything else (minus the pillow stuffing)

Now... all I need is some extra time! Little by little...

And as previously stated in other posts, I love glass! I'm dusting today & photographed my little collection of Wheaton Glass decanters. Some were found, and others were handed down. Bitters, Paul Revere Cabin, Ben Franklin (found w/box), Liberty Bell, RFK, & an ink style one.

Have a great day!


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  1. All of your DIY projects are inspiring and I especially like the shelves (love the blue jay plate)! The pillows look nice too.