Friday, April 20, 2012

Butterfly Gold Pyrex

It's been a long time since my last post, I haven't been able to sit down & post in a while, but over the last year, I've made great progress in my Butterfly Gold collecting, along with some other favorite finds.

Here's a pic that I took over the summer:

Since then... came the pitcher & tumblers:

Found my 043 at a flea market:

Lasagna pan was found at an antique store:

 The round 4qt casserole dish, probably my favorite piece:
I have talked the hubby into building me a pie safe like cabinet  with glass doors to display all my Butterfly Gold.

I also finally finished my turquoise on white Butterprint set. (my other favorite pattern), & I finished my pink Butterprint as well! (not the best pic of the pinks, sorry)

My awesome husband gave me these Kromex sets for Christmas!

I've also been picking up Hazel Atlas Candy Stripes, I love them!

My favorite juice set from Hazel Atlas: the glasses are cloudy in person, but not as much as the photo picks up though.They display just fine.

& now...for some randomness. ;)

Hubby bought me a birdcam recently, I'm still learning the settings etc, so while this is on the darker side, I still think it's adorable. Snuggle doves.

My lilacs were in full bloom earlier this week, and we had a butterfly invasion, I counted 12-15 at one time, it was so pretty!

My Hydrangeas. I am waiting to plant these until I am sure that we are past a frost, our weather has been very nutty here. My luck, I'd transplant them, & then it would snow. I'm in Chicago, it can happen. I've been taking care of them in the sunroom for nearly 3 weeks now, this pic was just taken yesterday.

 My kitten Gracie, short for Graceful... when I brought her home, I didn't know what to name her. Then she did things like try to jump on the couch, and a lot! lol. Or fall off the window sill while walking. She's just about to turn a year old, and thankfully she's much more agile...but still a source of comic relief. I made this poster because she looks innocent, but she's sneaky & steals everything & she's fast! Earbuds, napkins, scrunchies. The other night I turned my back for a second and she ran off with my small bag of cool ranch doritos! She's a lovebug though, I adore her, & she gets along with the older bosscat very nicely.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Can you sell the hazel atlas Turquoise candy stripe cereal bowls & mixing bowl ? If you can how much is it? Please let me know. Thanks,

  2. How much would one of the butterfly gold pitchers be without a lid?