Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I've got the Blues...

I've had some luck finding some blues recently:

Pyrex Embroidery! This was found at an antique mall, I paid $8.00 for it. The tag incorrectly stated that it was a "single Pyrex Butterprint bowl", I couldn't believe it! I have wanted this one for awhile now, and I'm very happy with it.

The baker & pie dish were from a trade, and the loaf was found online for around $9.00.

I got a super great deal on 6 Chinese Grass (Sea Isle) dinner plates, & 5 side plates. Worked out to be $1.66 per plate! I have some mugs in the matching blue, and saucers & mugs in pink that are packed away for now. The yellow 8x8 was ebay'd. 

I also have a small collection of Franciscan Starburst. It can be very expensive to try & collect pieces from this set, so I only pick them up when they're at a reasonable price.

I was surprised to come across these HTF candle holders for only $5.00, at an estate sale on my own block.. of all places!

We went to a flea market last weekend. I found these 4 pieces, & happily added them to my humble collection.

I also LOVE Liberty Blue, and came across the covered vegetable bowl awhile ago. Finally photographed it. Top view: 

& side view.

I'm on a utility dish kick lately & have recently added the yellow loaf & desert dawn cake dish to the mix. Love!

Fire King Gazelle. It's not 'new', I picked it up months ago, but never blogged about it. It fits in nicely with the blue themed post though. It's one of my most favorite bowls. One of the Flickr Pyrex peeps pointed out an interesting fact that I didn't know about... this was actually a vaporizer!

My mugs & tree that I forgot to include in my "Butterfly Gold" post.

And finally, my wonderful husband painted my aluminum Kromex wall dispenser for me! I love it! The color is "50's aqua" & it has an enamel finish. It looks great with the other Kromex items that he bought me last Christmas. I have a breadbox that I want him to do next.

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